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After years of music practice, one can face different types of issues:


How can I hold those hand instruments effectively and efficiently for a specific setup?

How can I have a personal and useful mallet for metals and leather without juggling?

How can I tune my tuned instruments?

If I have problems with my instrument furniture (noise or deformations), where can I fix it?

How can I get a new bar or a varnish layer for my instrument?

How can I get my mallets repaired without buying new ones?


And so on.


If you find yourself in the questions above, this is your space.


Behind this project there is a professional percussionist who answers the issues he had during his music studies.  However, there is no speculation; every product and service is proved and contrasted.


Feel invited to have a look, to ask and to buy.


Moreover, feel free to make suggestions and to pose challenges. We are going to offer you a self-made work according to your manner of understanding music. The more you contribute the better is the work.


Our work is in a continuous development. New ideas and instruments appear every moment so do not forget to check this website regularly.


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