Handcrafted Instruments

“Un músico, un instrumento.”

“A musician, an instrument”


 It might seem easy except when you are a percussionist.


The percussion world made its Big Bang in the 20th century. Nowadays, it is really impressive the quantity of instruments that require this exciting profession.


Choosing is not easy. And buying with our own money is even less easy.


The concept that governs our policy was developed bearing this in mind.

It is not about buying an instrument; it is about buying YOUR instrument.


Therefore, in B-Sharp Percussion we focus on what you are looking for; on what you expect from an instrument.


In our catalog you will find our designs: great instruments, thought for different situations and needs. And especially with an excellent sound.


If your needs are more demanding, here you will find no problem.


We let you choose many of the aspects concerning the instrument aesthetics. For instance:


- A B-Sharp furniture or a wooden furniture adapted to your needs?

- The type of wood for the furniture.

- What tuning do you prefer?

- What color do you like for the resonators? And what about the iron structure?

- The type of wheel of the instrument.


If you have more ideas, feel invited to show them to us. Here we will listen to you.


¿What about the price? It will surely surprise you. Ask without compromise and we will advise you.

¿And how do we do that?


In our research for the maximum level of exigency and services we do not conform to things made without accuracy.


First of all, the instruments is designed with CAD program, taking into account the most favorable aspects of acoustic physics for our aims.


Afterwards, we check it as many times as needed and we look for the materials that will answer to our requirements.


Finally, all instruments are handcrafted respecting our philosophy in the drawing table.


We try to solve all the possible problems that may appear working with real materials and with the goal of achieving the best results.


In conclusion, the process can be sum up in the image below: