Marimba mallets - Akari series

AKARI series offers a sound with fewer harmonics and a lot of fundamental.


They are made with a soft core. It offers an extended subdivision of the range medium to very soft.


All materials are selected in order to have a maximum error margin of 0.25 grams within each set and series.


Therefore, it is thought to be able to be combined without problems depending on the repertory without noticing the weight difference.


100% natural wool of high quality.

Marimba - Akari 1


Ideal for subtle parts and choral excerpts.

A lot of fundamental.


Label color: orange.

Maple shaft slightly varnished 42 cm. long.

36.5gr. weight +-0.25gr. in each set.


They can be made of rattan upon request.


It is sold by sets of 4 units.

Marimba - Akari 1 (naranja)

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