Restoring and Maintenance

From B-Sharp Percussion we offer maintenance and restoration services either for individuals or for entities (schools, conservatories, orchestras, etc).


What are the most usual works?


- Restoration of antique instruments.

- Varnishing, anodizing and nickel plating of damaged keyboards.

- Substitution of patches, screws and parts of membrane instruments.

- Revision of timpani mechanisms and change of its membranes.

- Modifications in order to facilitate their transport (for instance, to add wheels to the timpani to avoid lifting it never again).

- Orff instruments reparation (furniture and keyboards).

- Bar instruments furniture reparation: nose, deformations, rung breakage, varnishing, etc.

- Replacing keys separators or their rubbers.

- And whatever you might need.


Ask for costs, time limit, etc. without compromise.